A 100% hacker-proof USB 3.0 flash drive

DartKey is the perfect counterpart to Swing when you do not have access to a network. Every DartKey comes with a one-year subscription to Swing to provide automatic and totally secure real time backup of data stored on the DartKey.

DartKey is a 100% hacker-proof USB 3.0 flash drive that permits you to carry your sensitive data outside your secure network in absolute safety, with PIN protection to open. There are both user and administrative PIN protections so an employee who forgets his PIN can allow the administrator to unlock the drive and reset the user PIN.

It also gives you a mobile operating systems and platform for untraceable internet calls and surfing, email management and document creation and editing.

The secret to DartKey’s security is that it uses a unique operating system that is independent of the operating system of your PC or other device. It uses your PC’s keyboard and screen, its Internet connection and its speakers but is a totally self-contained system. It leaves no traces of its presence or use on any device or network. Hackers never see it so they cannot attack it!

The second layer of protection is DartKey‘s military-grade encryption: XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption. All data stored on a DartKey drive is encrypted. When you exchange data with another DartKey drive, the data appears in unencrypted form because the drives let users who have the keys to enter the drives see the unencrypted data but no one else can.

DartKey’s third layer of protection is that it cannot be modified or updated, making it absolutely immune to viruses and malware. Viruses and other infective programs rely on updating routines to infect a device. If updating is impossible, there can be no infection. DartKey contains all the programs and utilities you need for business purposes, completely free of unwanted invaders and thieves.

DartKey comes in various storage capacities to fit your needs: 8GB, 16GB, or 64GB. The DartKey Pro version features a built-in keyboard to enter a PIN to activate the drive, which supplements the internal PIN. Failure to enter the correct PIN immobilises the drive until and unless the correct administrator PIN is entered.