Our world is filled with interconnected points. This allows us to work, sometimes more efficiently, and be connected with people and share our activities throughout the world. Our phones, laptops, tablets, printers and now even watches, thermostats, fitness trackers, and even drones are Internet-enabled to make for a more enriched experience for the user. The enormous and unabated growth in these devices will continue over the next decade, providing with it both great benefits and threats.

But – and you knew there would be one of those – how can you ensure that each of these connected devices doesn’t place your business at risk? We all know that each device, whether actually connected to your network or simply around it, expands your threat surface well beyond the visibility of your already-in-place network security tools. These devices are in the hands of the employee connecting to your network with a unsecured Android phone, the unknown contractor walking through a branch office with an unauthorized tablet, and the malicious actor who placed a previously undetectable rogue hacking device in the lobby of headquarters.

Fortunately there is a solution to meet this challenge, and it starts with detecting the pulse inherent in all of these devices to gain full visibility, fingerprinting these devices, and enabling rapid response in order to minimize risk and harden the security of your workplaces.

Purpose-built by the same security company that revolutionized the remote penetration testing industry, Pwn Pulse helps your security teams detect rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized wireless and wired devices on or around your network. Our SaaS solution allows for centralized management to automatically monitor, fingerprint, analyze, and alert on the behaviors of all these devices, whether found at headquarters, a field location, or a branch office. The solution is built to work seamlessly with the security tools you already have deployed while amplifying and accelerating your people and processes.

Pwn Pulse is the only solution available today to allow for real-time wireless and wired device detection, and each day our team is deploying functionality to keep you ahead of the latest possible threats. The solution comes with broad-spectrum device visibility and awareness covering BYOx/mobile, Wireless, Bluetooth, wired, and other network-enabled devices.