The bridge between network security and industrial controls security

SCADAguardian bridges the gap between Information network security and industrial controls security.

The Internet started as a digital network for people but has morphed into a network of people AND things. Control systems have jumped from isolated, proprietary systems to internet protocol-based and Wi-Fi driven systems without the attention paid to security that information systems routinely get.

As a result, a fruitful area for industrial sabotage and ransomware attacks that have even disabled the power grid of large parts of entire countries.

Utility grids, pipelines, manufacturing plants, transportation systems have gone from being functionally protected by isolated systems to being totally dependent on the Internet but without the deep and disperse mentality of security that is routine in information technology today. Vulnerabilities are even greater because control systems operate with human supervision only at a high level — an Internet of things that operates largely on its own.

SCADAguardian, a solution of Nozomi Networks, provides a comprehensive and dynamic tool to protect your supervisory control and data acquisition (“SCADA”) systems. So-called “smart” systems can be rendered useless or even destructive when attacked by hackers or viruses like the infamous Stuxnet virus. The SCADAguardian approach is to discover existing infections, then enhance visibility of networks, protocols and industrial communications, then detect suspicious activities to trigger defence strategies and finally to detect tailored attacks.

SCADAguardian employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technology through plug-and-play installation to create detailed behaviours profiles to every device in your SCADA network. By monitoring traffic, it detects anomalous behaviour and alerts human controllers to assess whether immediate defensive actions are required or whether a vulnerability must be closed or a simple correction of misconfiguration will suffice. Notification routines are flexible so that in the correct instances, customers or up- and down-stream partners are alerted or notified of vulnerabilities in their systems.

The whole system is managed through a control console that is based on HTML5 and JavaScript for fast and economic deployment.

SCADAguardian produces a precise priority list for where attention should be focused on bringing your SCADA systems into a stable security condition.

The SCADAguardian deployment consists of hardware and software installations, a comprehensive firewall system to separate IT and OT environments and real time 24/7 monitoring and AI/machine learning capabilities to detect threats and deploy defences in seconds.

Do not wait for a catastrophe to start taking reasonable steps to protect your SCADA systems as you already protect your email.