An iron-plated bank vault for your archives

Swing gives your company its own super-encrypted, secure repository for all its digital archives. You control who, exactly, can access what, exactly, when and how. Swing can be accessed within your firewall or externally by your consultants and professionals, customers, suppliers and partners. You control whom and what is accessible and you have a record of what everyone accesses to auditing purposes. Don’t think of it as a private cloud; it’s a private iron-plated bank vault for your archives where you control who can enter, when, where and for how long.

Swing relies on a massive two factor authentication mechanism — in addition to the username and password, a passkey is required that is produced by a token contained on a physical device or an app on your smartphone or PC (such as Google Authenticator). Digital archives stored on Swing are protected by a server side encryption to protect files stored on the server with symmetric encryption using the AES256 algorithm approved by the main public and financial institutions in the world. A robust and flexible File Access Control function lets you and your data manager set detailed rules for access to your digital archives to ensure that your archives are used only in the ways you want.

For example, you can prevent downloading files outside your internal network or you can block access to files by mobile devices. The retention feature allows you to manage the longevity of your files; you can specify that certain categories of documents can never be erased; others might be automatically eliminated after seven Years, for example. The retention feature is particularly useful for administrative documents subject to internal and external retention rules.

Your company depends on teamwork to succeed. Swing promotes that teamwork in a highly secure and hacker-proof environment. Any access granted for sharing can be assigned an expiration date after only the document owner can access the document and everyone else loses access privileges. Moreover, a password can be assigned to each sharing access to increase security by permitting tracking of every person with a separate password. The Tag feature lets you assign specific characteristics to particular documents/data so that access can be granted on the basis of specific tags. Swing’s grouping capability allows you to permit access to different domains contained in different servers, allowing for different groups of internal and external team members to work together on the same project for a specified time.

Collaboration within authorised groups is encouraged through creation and modification of documents of every type, all within the super-secure confines of Swing. A gallery function allows sorting and groups of images for ease of access and management. The Workflow function allows maximisation of internal processes that can generate job tasks to streamline production flows.

Additional features that offer encrypted security to company assets you might not consider include integration of calendars, contact lists, and external archives in DropBox, Google Drive and the like, that eliminate the risk of reconstructing these vital corporate assets in the event of a hacker or ransomware attack that could disable or destroy these essential but mundane databases.

Swing is available as a software solution to run on your company’s servers or as a software-as-a-service basis with flexible storage capacities available on TeeBase’s servers. Regardless of the form your Swing systems comes in, you can stop to worry about the nightmare scenarios created by the widely reported hacking incidents of the Panama Papers, Yahoo email and American political databases that have caused so much damage.