Safety for your network, data, infrastructure & mobile communications

TeeBase offers a suite of products and services that deliver to your organisation effective security for your network, your data, your infrastructure, and your mobile communications for your business.

The following sections and pages give a brief overview of each product/service to help you understand what TeeBase can do to reduce the risk of hackers, ransomware, commercial espionage, interception, and hijacking that can destroy your business, and your career – by tomorrow morning.

The flagship of TeeBase arsenal is Swing, a highly encrypted repository for your data that ensures that hackers will never get access to your data while giving you complete flexibility to give controlled access to the data you select to your employees, consultants and professionals, customers and partners, while ensuring that permanent records are kept of every document accessed in your database and even the modifications made to it and copies made of it.

DartKey provides 100% hacker proof portable storage in a thumb drive that ensures that when anything digitised leaves your internally managed network, it is impervious to hackers, thieves, all other threats. This super-encrypted key contains its own unique operating system and programs that literally cannot be hacked. As the user works on a document or data, it is automatically backed up, in real time, to your company’s Swing database.

SCADAGuardian gives to your industrial control systems the kind of protection you give to your network to prevent attacks and hacks from destroying the value of your enterprise. This learning system generates a precise priority list for where your “internet of things” is vulnerable so your security staff can target the weakest points first and provides real time threat assessments so your system will can defend against attacks instantly.

Voice Bunker protects your mobile devices with voice and data encryption so your mobile devices can be as secure as your data network.