PC-like security for your mobile voice and data calls

VoiceBunker gives your mobile voice and data calls the same security you seek for your PC IT systems.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous yet are rarely protected by even the most basis security.

With the VoiceBunker app installed on your company’s mobile phones, your business calls and messaging can be as secure as your emails at the office. End-to-end encryption ensures that your calls are free from industrial spying or other eavesdroppers looking to take your competitive advantages for free. When you discuss sensitive strategies with your lawyers or auditors, you can be sure your conversations stay within the confines you require. This end-to-end app utilises the ZRTP encryption protocol

VoiceBunker also allows calls between your employees on the road and the office to be equally protected with its end-to-site encryption for fixed line telephones that extends to conference calls and conference rooms analogous to a VPN managed by your company and not some mobile carrier by using the SDES encryption protocol.

Regardless of which mobile phone you are using – even Blackberry – VoiceBunker will give you the security you cannot get anywhere else.

VoiceBunker comes in two-forms: SAAS for mobile phones and on-site installations of your office and fixed line phones. Installation is simple, intuitive and fast

Even better, VoiceBunker is completely legal, except for phone used in China, Iran and Russia where it cannot be imported (together with North Korea).

Investing in data security without including the device you use most often for digital communication is foolish and short-sighted. Plug that hole in your security strategy before it plugs you.